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DG ART FOUNDATION has started by Mr. Deepak Vithal Gaikwad in 2016 and  is the founder and C.E.O. of the foundation.Being an artist Mr. Deepak v. Gaikwad undertakes the problems face by other artists. Therefore Inspired by social and educational though he started DG ART FOUNDATION. In 2016 "Let's come together to create future" is the vision of DG ART Foundation. Students from tribal areas live in Palghar, district backward but talented artist who don't get easy platform to showcase their art are the main aim of this foundation. Till date foundation has formed many programmers in search of talented artist they have visited many district levels schools in Vasai-Virar. The foundation has a vision to build Art College for talented but economically backward students. To carry on these activities foundation need financial backup. For these foundation has started with E-commerce website named in 24 March 2018. This gallery includes paintings made by well known artist and students of foundation. By selling sculpture & painting through e-commerce the foundation aims at rising funds. There will be used for needy, tribal poor students. It also aims to help artist who are physically disable and for those who did not get to showcase their talent because of various conditions. The painters, sculpture who wishes to sell their work on the portal can sell through this gallery. The Foundation trying to create its presents in all possible art forms. The foundation representatives are already in the process of helping people who have health issue. The foundation experts are your support for these cases. Social achievements are achieved with everyone's support and not alone so let's build a bridge between poor and wealthy artistic and audience. As a guide always being helpful to all possible painters, sculptures and artist is the main and only aim of DG ART FOUNDATION .& DG ART GALLERY.

Foundation Event Video

The video explain about the  aim & vision of the foundation which was given by the one our member Mr. Vittal S. Gaikwad  on our very 1st event of the foundation.

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